As a leading supplier for insurance companies in Southeast Asia, P&O Global Technologies remains committed to providing total and integrated solutions for the insurance industry.

Our comprehensive range of products are designed to ensure the smooth running of both life and general insurance businesses. Tested and proven, these products can handle the entire processing cycle of the company, allow agents to access their principals directly, and provide data warehousing while enhancing performance.

P&O Global Technologies built its name by developing and implementing innovative software packages for the insurance industry. With clientele all over Asia, our list of trusted partners is still growing today.


GBSEIS is a “Management Information System” solution developed by P&O Global Technologies Sdn Bhd (POGT), primarily based on extensive R&D efforts that can answer business enquiries that were originally too time-consuming to resolve. Information is gained directly, giving you complete control, instead of having to wait for data to be consolidated from the statistical department.


IAGENT, developed by P&O Global Technologies Sdn Bhd, was primarily designed to cover the shortcomings of the book-based Cover Note System. With IAGENT, an effective Web-based solution, you can manage Cover Note transactions in the general insurance business for both motor and non-motor classes of insurance.

IAGENT offers insurance companies the option of structuring their business operation functions into 2 categories: ‘Back-Office’ & ‘Agency-Office’.


PowerVision, a total and integrated general insurance solution, is the culmination of extensive research & development efforts built upon its predecessor, INSURAN, with the incorporation of new technology. This truly innovative product had been developed to be in line with emerging IT trends and the increasingly competitive insurance industry that we face in the global economy today.


Fully integrated with PowerVision, the Health & Surgical software module is specially designed for insurance companies to develop and manage their healthcare products; from packaging, marketing, policy processing to claims handling. The system is also flexible enough to adapt to ever-changing business requirements without the need for major modification and customisation efforts.

The information flow of managing the healthcare products is available online and allows users to access all necessary information whenever required, thus increasing efficiency and productivity. As the average customer today has become more informed and demands better customer service, it is integral for insurance companies to have an online and flexible system to support their products.


This life insurance solution was designed with integration as its primary feature, leading us to have named the product the Life Insurance Integrated Management System, or LIIMS. This solution was designed and developed by a team of specialists with a combined total of more than fifty (50) years of experience in the life insurance industry.


Rapid changes in the marketplace are forcing executives to make vital, strategic decisions – decisions that rely on key pieces of data. Too often, the data needed is either inaccessible, locked deep in operational systems or external databases, or takes too long to extract and analyse.

To access data for analysis and decision-making, it must first be extracted from its Relational Database source to be transformed into useful information. Then, it must appear in a format that makes sense to the manager, who needs to understand the business environment, analyse situations, and solve unique problems. This can all be accomplished by using standard Data Warehouse techniques incorporated in InfoVision.

InfoVision is powered by Ardent Software’s DataStage Software, which offers a comprehensive and open environment for data warehousing, data marts and data migration. It also offers a complete development environment.