P&O Global Technologies delivers integrated IT solutions and services that bring your company to the next level.


P&O Global Technologies can be traced all the way back to the early 1980s, when computerisation created an urgent demand for cost-effective software packages in the insurance industry. From a customer base of predominantly insurance companies, the company has since expanded its services to banks, finance companies, legal firms, trading companies and other corporate clients.

True to its name, the company has recently begun to expand their services worldwide. All its Information Technology (IT) capabilities in Southeast Asia, North Asia and the United States have been established to provide solutions and services to clients around the world, around the clock.


At the heart of P&O Global Technologies is a multi-national team of dedicated IT professionals whose shared goal is service excellence.

The team has a string of successes, having developed, installed, and implemented numerous applications that connect users wherever they may be. These and more are the testimonies of their high standards and innovative outlook.

Armed with invaluable experience, knowledge and skills, the team is well-equipped to take on any challenge. The choice is now yours.


One of the advantages of P&O Global Technologies is its presence on both sides of the Pacific. Having offices in different time zones means we can provide clients with 24-hour technical support whenever, wherever.

For example, a customer in California calling a company based in New York after hours would still receive prompt service. This is because the call can be routed to one of the company’s call centres in Asia, which would still be open. With this, P&O Global Technologies can effectively troubleshoot for its clients anywhere in the world, any time of the day.

Another crucial lead is our choice in business partners. We forge alliances with other globally renowned companies to offer total and integrated solutions that are second to none. Working with the best in the industry also guarantees compatibility, smoother implementation, and minimal coordination when sorting your workflow and IT systems.

With the ever-changing IT landscape, P&O Global Technologies invests heavily into Research & Development (R&D) to deliver a consistent, steady stream of effective software and services. Our dedicated R&D team constantly explores and develops new technology tools to enhance your existing systems to be the best they can be.